Do you know what you want?…What You Truly Want?

11667369_540107969463247_3835744246262061513_nThere are two primary causes for human suffering: not getting what you want and getting what you want. Somewhat of a paradox wouldn’t you think? It makes sense that not getting what you want would bring suffering, but, getting what you want will also bring suffering?

Yes, it’s true….Because suffering is the only possible outcome when our wants are rooted in desire. When we are driven by desires, we believe that getting that thing which we desire will fix our current situation; it will compensate for a sense of lack and thereby make us whole.

The truth is, nothing outside of yourself can make you whole, and, the constant pursuit of desires to this end will only leave you dissatisfied and unfulfilled. For most folks, the cycle of desire and suffering continues with the blind hope that a different result is just around the corner.

The key to understanding and breaking free from this self perpetuating cycle lies in asking yourself this important question: Do you know what you Truly Want? A true want is inspiring. It feels true to you. It is something you are genuinely passionate about. And most importantly, it comes from the heart not the ego.

The difference between suffering and not suffering has everything to do with whether you’re pursuing desires (trying to compensate for something) or following aspirations (seeking what truly inspires you). If you are chasing things you think you want (desires), and attain them, you are still left knowing at a deep level you still didn’t get what you want…what you truly want.

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