“I attended the Unleash Your Gifts workshop in January of 2015. It was one of the most constructive workshops I’ve ever attended. Michael and the rest of the facilitators were warm, patient and very organized. I felt completely taken care of the entire weekend.

I was exceedingly grateful to participate in such a profound workshop that truly helped me shine a much-needed light upon my gifts and talents. I left the workshop feeling inspired, renewed and ready to focus on making my most genuine dreams a reality. This workshop really encouraged me to take a leap of faith and notice that my passions and gifts are unique and essential.

The facilitators of the Unleash Your Gifts workshop created a safe space to share and be sincere about any doubts and fear I carried surrounding my passions and gifts. I honestly left this workshop with a new sense of self, an enhanced idea of how my talents and passions play into my life’s purpose, and some new amazing friends!”

Jade Black B.A. (Hons), M.A., Author


“Mike Stephan is a highly attuned life path specialist who has developed the very unique and clever Journey to Purpose coaching program. My sessions with Mike helped turn years of mental clutter into clarity on what I want in life, which direction to head in, and who I want to be as I pursue this new path. Off the bat, Mike’s natural grace and curious manner built trust and sameness as he shared his own struggles in life parallel to mine.

Through processes and spot-on homework assignments, Mike illuminated several unrealized skills and dormant passions that, combined with my values, have given me a powerful foundation from which to make choices now, and as I head into the future. His uncanny ability to tie it all together encouraged me to change my perception of struggles I’ve overcome into accomplishments I’ve created and skills I’ve honed. Uncovering my life purpose has given me a peace and trust in what’s to come that I have not experienced before. As I navigate my way through a major career and life change I feel a renewed confidence and a new-found purpose on what I can, and how I want, to create. 

When I started with Mike, I was wandering through life wondering which direction to head in, and now I’m embracing life fully as I claim my own unique and important part of the greater universal plan.”

Valerie, Vancouver, BC


“It is said that we have everything we need in order to live a full life on purpose; like a rough diamond, it just takes the right tool in order for our brilliance to shine through. In the Spring of 2013, I asked Mike Stephan to help me fashion out how to live my life of purpose, something that I felt that was waiting to immerge and yet was illusive to me. And Mike was exactly the precision tool that I needed.

A little bit about our sessions together: Perhaps due to his time in the military, each session had a reason, a beginning, middle and an end. This is not to say that our sessions were rigid but I appreciated that he had a structure in place, which from within, I could uncover my answers. My experience of Mike throughout our sessions is that he is a calm and yet very solid guy, which I found I could trust and depend on. Unlike other people I have spoken to, I appreciated that he had his own opinions and was willing to share them too.

I know you’ll appreciate this too as you go through your own journey with him. I’ll finish by saying that at the end of our sessions, I came out with a clear understanding of what direction to pursue a life of purpose and a plan on how to do it. For this, I am very grateful indeed for my time with Mike. After working with Mike by my side, I am certainly a fan and a supporter of him. If you were like me and are looking for a life coach who is a gentle balance of calm and confident, has strong character and competence, then I do hope you will pick up the phone and give him a call and let him help you. I have little doubt that he will.”

Shayn, Vancouver, BC

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