Leadership Development for
Board Members and Executive Teams

Specializing in Training and Coaching on:

  • Professional Ethics and  Decision Making
  • Managing change within your organization
  • Understanding Change Psychology and Developing Change Resilience
  • Addressing Leadership associated anxiety and stress
  • Resolving Disputes and Building Effective Communication Skills



“Building Your Change Resilience” Workshop (2 Day Training)

If you are looking to ready yourself or your team/employees for disruption and transition, this workshop offers theory, self-assessments, experiential learning and hands on tools to survive and thrive through change.

Key Aims of the Workshop:

  1. Develop awareness of your assets and strengths in order to better navigate and adapt to change
  2. Gain tools for increasing your comfort level with uncertainty and willingness to take risks
  3. Understand change inherent loss and learn to seek opportunities to grow and learn through change
  4. Build your ability to forecast and see change before it happens


Custom Training and Leadership Coaching for Teams & Professionals

 If you are an organization looking to assist your employees and teams realize their potential and/or you want to create a culture of diversity, inclusion and respect, our training programs and coaching can provide your personnel the necessary tools and awareness to positively transform the very way they see themselves and their involvement and contribution in your organization. We create custom programs to suit the specific needs of your organization to increase overall efficiency, group cohesiveness, individual purpose and cultural well-being.



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