Ethical Decision Making

For Non-Profit and Civic Leadership

In this 8 hour introductory Leadership & Ethics training, we focus on developing the tools and awareness in making leadership decisions with ethical integrity. At the completion of this course, you will have a working understanding of core ethical theories and considerations in the decision making process including:

  • The three integral components of ethical decision making
  • Living with a priciple based foundation in leadership
  • The primary roadblocks to leading with ethical integrity
  • Applying ethical reasoning and ethical models to the decision making process

Custom Training and Change Leadership Education for Teams & Professionals

If you are an organization looking to assist your employees and teams realize their potential and/or you want to create a culture of diversity, inclusion and respect, our training programs and coaching can provide your personnel the necessary tools and awareness to positively transform the very way they see themselves and their involvement and contribution in your organization. We create custom programs to suit the specific needs of your organization to increase overall efficiency, group cohesiveness, individual purpose and cultural well-being.

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