Change Coaching for Leaders, Teams and Individuals


  • Learning effective approaches to managing the people side of change
  • Personal change resilience development
  • Understanding and effectively addressing Loss, Grief and Sadness
  • Strategies to address change associated anxiety and stress


“Building Your Change Resilience” Workshop (2 Day Training)

If you are looking to ready yourself or your team/employees for disruption and transition this workshop offers theory, self-assessment, experiential learning and hands on tools to survive and thrive through change.

Key areas of Workshop Learning:

  1. Understand your Core Assets and build a healthy relationship with your PASSIONS, STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, INTELLIGENCE/PERONALITY TYPE(S) and VALUES)
  2. Increase your comfort level with uncertainty
  3. Develop increased courage and willingness to take risks and step out of your comfort zone
  4. Work through change inherent fear of loss and learn to seek opportunities to grow and learn through change
  5. Build your ability to forecast and see change before it happens

Team Competency Building

Dynamic training and coaching aimed at building core team competencies towards the development of highly effective, cohesive and collaborative teams including:

-Interest based and authentic communication skills training

-Leadership coaching on facilitating an open and inclusive team culture allowing for equal and effective contribution of members

-Personal development focussed on building individual and team confidence and ear marking specific and unique assets of team members

-Implementation of collaborative processes that foster individual and team creativity leading to meaningful brainstorming and idea creation

– Establishing clear goals, interests and healthy boundaries that provide the foundation for the team to thrive and achieve its objectives


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