7 Self-Care Tips for Navigating COVID 19

With the disruption, fear and chaos ensuing in the world right now, it can be challenging to maintain some balance in our lives and look after ourselves. It’s easy to become overly consumed by the harsh reality of this crisis including the sudden and drastic changes to our way of life which can quickly impact […]

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6 Strategies for Relieving Anxiety, Worry and Fear

CREATE (Calm, Relinquish, Explore, Accept, Trust, Express) 1. CALM- Look at your anxiety and seek ways to genuinely calm it. Reacting to anxiety through avoidance/resistance (often taking the form of unhealthy habits, addictions and behaviors) or expressing it in harmful and negative ways, prevents us from effectively managing it, and too often this can have a negative impact on […]

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The Wasp

The world is full of problems and challenges and individually we will all face our fair share. Typically when we experience a problem in our life we don’t feel good about it. Why don’t we feel good about it? Because it’s a problem and problems are bad…right? Think of any problem that you may experience […]

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Breathe in a new perspective

To this day, my most effective and practical teaching to overcome negative emotional states in the moment, is the simplest…Just Breathe. When we feel anxious, fearful, resistant, powerless, apathetic, angry, etc, our breathing is automatically altered. If we allow ourselves to get swept away in these emotional states and resist them, we close ourselves off […]

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Seek to Understand and be Understood

So often we look past the message that others are intending to deliver/express because of a simple misunderstanding of one word or phrase. We assume what the other person means based on the definition we have applied to a particular word or phrase and we believe others should see things the same way. This simple […]

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